Building the FlipMouse from the DIY-kit

The FLipMouse DIY-kit can be purchased from - it's made with love and fairy-dust! The construction guide contains all information how to glue the acrylic enclosure, solder the PCB, assemble the sensor carrier board and connect the mouthpiece. The FLipMouseGUI software can be downloaded from Github (currently it is only available as a Windows program but we are working on a cross-platform version). The FLipMouseGUI displays live sensor values from the device and offers all settings and parameters to configure the device to individual needs. Information how to use this software and how to set up, mount and clean the device can be found in the  FLipMouse user manual.

In addidtion to the construction manual, we recommend the video guides:
FlipMouse Construction Video (acrylic case version)
or FlipMouse Construction Video (3d-printed case version).