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It's free and no registration is needed.

Try the latest version (maybe unstable).

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The AsTeRICS Grid can be easily adapted to users needs. It's possible to design basic and complex interfaces with many or just a few elements. It can be used for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) or smart home control - or both. If you want to do something completely different, e.g. control a little helicopter - even this is possible thanks to the integration of the AsTeRICS Framework.

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The AsTeRICS Grid is designed to be used by everyone. Input can be done normally by touch or click or by hovering or scanning for people with restricted motor abilities. The input modalities can be configured to meet the user's needs. Scanning can be triggered by keyboard keys, assisitive buttons (e.g. FABI) or also by any unconventional means like signals of an EMG muscle activity sensor.

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The usage of the AsTeRICS Grid is not restricted to any platform, it works on Computers (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Tablets or Smartphones (Android, iOS). This is possible because it's a web application that runs in any browser.

Privacy & Offline Usage lock icon

Although it's a web application, this does not mean that the AsTeRICS Grid needs a connection to the internet in order to work. Once you've opened the Grid in your browser it is automatically cached and from then on it can be used without internet access. This means that all your personal data and configuration never leaves your device and is only stored locally. So you never have to worry about your privacy.

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After an optional registration it's possible to synchronize your grids accross devices using a cloud service. This makes it possible to use the AsTeRICS Grid on different devices, while the configuration is synchronized in realtime. All data is end-to-end encrypted and therefore only accesible to you. Register now.

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One intention of the AsTeRICS Grid is to provide a platform that can be used for AAC. While many popular AAC tools or apps only run on one platform, our Grid can be used on any platform and device. The AsTeRICS Grid is very flexible: grid and element sizes, speech languages, element images and input modalities - all can be freely configured.

SmartHome  house icon

If you want to control anything in your home - it's possible with the AsTeRICS Grid. You could control the TV, radio, lights, heating or shutters. The AsTeRICS Framework has plugins for popular home automation standards like KNX or also cheap infrared emitting devices (to replace standard remotes) - so easy and cheap solutions or integrations in professional systems are both possible.

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The AsTeRICS Grid is free and open source. Everyone can use it without any costs, and if you have programming skills, you can even contribute to the project on GitHub. If you like it, you are free to support the AsTeRICS Foundation with a donation.

It's free and no registration is needed.

Try the latest version (maybe unstable).

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