FABI - Flexible Assistive Button Interface

example of a FABI setup

The FABI (Flexible Assistive Button Interface) is an interface box which allows the connection of up to 9 momentary switches (buttons) or self-made electric contacts to a computer, tablet or smartphone. Using FABI, mouse cursor- and keyboard actions can be created by pressing the attached switches. All functions are assigned via a graphical user interface. FABI can be extended with a pressure sensor (sip/puff). Similar to the FLipMouse, the FABI provides configuraiton slots for storing different settings, which the user can change on demand. This enables playing games, surfing the internet, writing emails and much more.

FABI consists of a hardware module (a low-cost microcontroller which behaves as a computer mouse and/or keyboard) and a graphical software application for configuration of the desired functions. The construction guide and all software and hardware plans are open source - making FABI the most reasonably priced flexible assistive button interface we know of!

Please read the User Manual prior to the installation and use of any soft- or hardware!