The FLipMouse: control with the slightest touch!

The FLipMouse is an alternative input device for using computers or other electronic devices. The zero-way-joystick of the FLipMouse is very sensitive and detects subtle movements of mouth or fingers. Click selections can be performed via sip- and puff actions at the mouthpiece or by connecting external switches. This enables precise control of mouse and keyboard activities - or remote control of devices via infrared-signals or Bluetooth.

Using the graphical user interface software, functions and sensitivity of the FLipMouse can be configured. Multiple configuraton slots are available for storing different settings - enabling users to switch between using a computer, a smart phone and a TV-set.

FLipMouse Use Case Scenarios

Get a FLipMouse: Source, DIY-Kit or MouseHub?

The FLipMouse is available as a Do-It-Yourself construction kit. The kit comes with all needed parts for electronics, enclosure and accessories. See the step-by-step guides how to purchase the kit, assemble the parts, download the software and test the completed device. Our FAQ-section offers tips and answers to common questions regarding the assembly and configruation of the device. For developers, design files and source code are available at GitHub.


You know someone who needs a FLipMouse but cannot afford or build the construction set? There is an option to get an assembled and tested FLipMouse for free!

- Testimonials -

Susanne Watson

As a user of a FLipMouse I can only say, a great idea. As a result, I can now perform normal tasks on my computer on my own, for which I have needed help before.

Dawid Hawryluk

The assembly was easy to understand and the step by step guide was very helpful in creating the FLipMouse.