November 2016: FlipMouse among the 10 Hackaday price finalists!

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November 2016: FlipMouse among the 20 Hackaday price finalists!

The Hackaday blog can be considered as something like "the unofficial bible for the usual electronics aficionado / computer nerd" (so obligatory reading matter for us). The "Hackaday price" is an international competition of DIY-/open source projects which yields an enormous impact with thousands of entries - many of great quality and creativity. We are proud to announce that our FlipMouse open source project landed among the 10 finalists in the Assistive Technology category. Want to find out more? Read the project log about the FlipMouse on our project pages at - and read the Hackaday blog post Brian Benchoff wrote about our assistive device - this is awesome !!

Hackaday Homepage (November 17, 2016) entry about the FLipMouse being in the running for the Hackaday Prize

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