AsTeRICS Grid releases

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AsTeRICS Grid releases

AsTeRICS Grid, our free open-source application for alternative and augmented communication (AAC), is released regularly including new features or bugfixes. Therefore it's difficult to write a blog entry about "the" new AsTeRICS Grid release. However, I think we've come to point now where AsTeRICS Grid is quite well usable. The latest releases include:

  • users can be automatically synchronized across devices - use your configuration on your smartphone and your PC and always be in sync!
  • data is end-to-end encrypted for ensuring privacy
  • navigation in the app is now harmonized and is usable on both desktop and mobile devices
  • user documentation is finished and accessible directly from the application
  • it's possible to add AsTeRICS Grid to homescreen on mobile devices and make it usable like an app without installing it
  • images can be included by drag and drop from applications like METACOM MetaSearch
  • integration with the AsTeRICS Framework make use-cases like environmental control possible

For sure I forgot something, but just see for yourself and try it:
Open AsTeRICS Grid

We are happy about any feedback!

Info: At the time of this blog entry AsTeRICS Grid is being developed in the project ToRaDeS (funded by MA23, city of Vienna) at the university of applied sciences Technikum Wien.